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Design Philosophy

Successful design is achieved when our vision of the project resonates with clarity in the minds of our clients. We work hard to validate the objectives of the project and to cultivate responsive design through clear communication with our clients.

We are known for being intensive in our pursuit of satisfying our clients’ requirements during the design process and for translating our design into thorough and well-detailed construction documents. This provides a better project for our clients, lower construction costs resulting from providing clearer documents for the competitive bidding process; and a stronger platform for interpretation of the requirements for construction. During construction of the project, NMA is a clear and strong advocate for the interests of the client without compromising our ideals and the objectives of the project.

The cost of building the project is not the most important design criteria, but it is an overriding influence as the design process unfolds. We believe that good design does not have to be expensive. We strive to identify our clients’ expectations regarding project budgets and have been successful in meeting these expectations.

Our clients and peers have characterized NMA as being highly professional in our approach to business development and project management. We strive to conduct our affairs with the highest degree of integrity and responsiveness to our clients’ needs which is manifested in our work product and our clients’ image of our firm.